Portrait of Felix Tamke. He smiles.

Felix Tamke


Felix Tamke is an internationally published researcher in the field of Operations Research. He is about to complete his PhD on solution methods for vehicle routing problems at TU Dresden. At the Chair of Industrial Management, he headed the Prescriptive Analytics group and led the technical and scientific development of industrial projects.

Portrait of Leopold Kuttner. He wears glasses and smiles.

Dr. Leopold Kuttner


Leopold Kuttner most recently acted as the technical lead of industrial projects at the Chair of Industrial Management at TU Dresden. He received his Ph.D. from Technische Universität Dresden in the field of Operations Research.

Portrait of Maurice Morabel. He smiles.

Maurice Morabel

Business Development

Maurice Morabel was a Senior Consultant before leading SaaS ventures from the growth phase to market maturity while working at an incubator and family office based in Berlin. He leverages his expertise with startups in the LogTech, ClimateTech, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors.

Portrait of Udo Buscher. He wears glasses.

Prof. Dr. Udo Buscher

Scientific advisor

Prof. Buscher has held the Chair of Industrial Management at the TU Dresden since 2004. In addition to research, the chair has a strong focus on knowledge transfer to industry and the mission to integrate the latest mathematical methods into the planning and decision-making processes of industrial partners.

About us


Enabling fast and reliable decision-making for loading and routing by making cutting-edge planning algorithms easily accessible.


Simplifying the efficient use of limited resources in logistics through software.

What drives us

There is tremendous hidden potential to improve planning processes and outcomes in transport logistics – for all stakeholders: personnel, management, and the environment. Modern algorithms for decision support allow to unlock that untapped potential simply by introducing software, drawing real efficiency gains out of bits and bytes. Let us help you reap the benefits of these tools.


Our founding team consists of two researchers and optimization experts from Technische Universität Dresden and a Venture Development specialist from Berlin.

During our time at TU Dresden we used the toolkit of Operations Research to ship decision support tools to sectors from trucking through railway to manufacturing. Our scientific background and strong ties to the Chair of Industrial Management of the University of Excellence enables us together with our customers to set new industry standards in the implementation of algorithmic decision support for logistics.

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