Reliable loading and routing decisions

Intelligent planning algorithms for modern transportation management

Empower dispatchers to solve planning tasks fast and target-oriented

Illustration depicting the Containter Loading Problem. A truck trailer and a shipping container are shown, beside a palette with boxes on top. The trailer's doors are open with some boxes already inside.
pack items into boxes

Container loading

Optimize load plans while respecting stacking rules, fragility, axle load restrictions, as well as loading and unloading sequence restrictions.

Dynamic tour planning

Vehicle routing

Optimize customizable cost functions while automatically respecting requirements such as time windows, order splitting, pickup and delivery precedence, and heterogeneous vehicles.

Illustration showing the vehicle routing problem with a single depot and four vehicles departing the depot on their way to deliver goods to customers.
High resolution decision support – Transportation planning in full view

Integrated container loading and vehicle routing

A truck on a road, where you can peek into the loading space where palettes are loaded. The loading lengths of palette groups are shown.

Traditional vehicle routing solutions neglect the crucial aspect of load planning: you do not receive any information about whether or how goods fit into a vehicle.

Optimize load and tour planning in a single step. Gain planning security and realize substantial savings in transportation costs and planning time compared to conventional solutions.

Stakeholder benefits

  • Flexibility

    Planning proposals suitable for every situation with multiple alternatives to account for trade-offs. Get instantaneous adjustment recommendations when changes occur.

  • Speed & Reliability

    Ready-to-use packing and routing plans in seconds, taking into account all planning requirements.

  • Focus

    Simplify repetitive processes – more time for value-adding tasks.

  • Tackle the shortage of skilled workers

    Create a more flexible and attractive working environment for your employees. Reduce training periods and address downtime and vacation times.

  • Save costs and time

    Lower transportation costs and reduce the vehicle count to cut fuel consumption and emissions – in a fraction of your current planning time.

  • Increase your service level

    Gain planning security and guarantee to fulfill planning requirements.

  • Stand out from the competition

    Integrate fast, reliable, and feature-rich algorithms for decision support into your software with functionalities that competitors cannot match.

  • Outsource specialized research and development

    Developing elaborate packing and routing solutions takes years. Rely on our expertise to put state-of-the-art algorithms at your fingertips today.

  • Customer retention

    You provide your customers with increased planning security and help them achieve higher cost and time savings than with conventional vehicle routing solutions.


We are not a TMS nor WMS but a Vehicle Routing and Scheduling (VRS) Software provider. Our decision support algorithms can be integrated into TMS and WMS through our API to extend the planning functionality of the system for load building and transportation planning.

As a dispatcher, you can access your usual user interface. Behind the scenes, CLOVER’s products generate ready-to-use packing and tour plans as a basis for decision-making within your system. From the generated pool of plans, you can select a suitable one or build on it in your planning.

We’ve seen everything from 30% to 80% time savings and 5% to 25% reductions in direct transportation costs. The variations are based on considering different requirements in day-to-day operations, your level of automation, and the specific use case. You can request an evaluation of your savings potential here.

Decision support systems vary widely in the scope of their planning capabilities and the quality of their generated plans. Our container loading and vehicle routing solutions respect a comprehensive set of planning requirements and dispatching rules. Our unique integrated loading and routing algorithm CLAIRE distinguishes our solution from your current one. We combine cutting-edge algorithms and the latest research to generate high-quality planning proposals instantly.

We would happily arrange a free consultation with you and offer our assessment. Tell us about your system and needs, and learn about the impact of our technology and the latest technological and scientific developments in algorithmic decision support and artificial intelligence.

Clover’s integrated routing and loading solution operates with the highest level of integration and considers all interactions and dependencies between load and tour planning. Learn about degrees of integration.

We employ proven and cutting-edge techniques from Operations Research and Combinatorial Optimization to solve planning problems effectively. At the core of our technology is a sophisticated and high-performing metaheuristic. It is complemented by various techniques including greedy constructive heuristics, local search, tree search, as well as set- and graph-based algorithms.

Yes, our Container Loading Engine and Vehicle Routing Algorithms are full-featured solutions on their own and can each be used in standalone mode.

You will receive access to use our REST-API. You only need to transfer the planning data as a JSON file according to the interface documentation and will receive back finished planning data. We will support you in accelerating the integration process or fine-tuning the algorithms. 

Do you have any questions or special requirements regarding the integration? Feel free to get in touch with us.

Planning success


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